What does an Executor do in an Illinois Probate Estate?

The Executor in an Illinois Probate Estate is the individual who has been specifically named in the Will of the deceased person to serve as the representative of the Estate.  The Executor must collect all of the Estate assets, pay the final debts of the deceased individual, and make distributions of the Estate assets pursuant to the terms of the Will.  In short, the Executor must faithfully follow the provisions of the Will as laid out by the deceased person.


In addition, the Executor typically hires an attorney to assist in the administration of the Estate due to the complexities involved with Probate.  The attorney can provide the necessary instructions to carefully carry out the terms of the Will and the provisions of the Illinois Probate Act.  The attorney can also defend the Executor in an Illinois Probate Court with regard to any attacks against the Executor's actions in handling the administration of the Estate.






















































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